Compare contrast notes

Take a moment and jot down some ways in which households are similar and different from one another. A classroom poster highlighting these four phases for students is included in this guide.

Odor Changes It only takes one experience with a rotten egg to learn that they smell different that fresh eggs. If even the smallest difference between images is important, a better method is to add the separate color channels of the difference image, to ensure you capture ALL the differences, including the most minor difference.

But this is not a very good representation. Cross-type Image Comparison One of the harder things I would like to do is find images that were created from another image. Midtone Colored Images Images which are sepia-toned, or with midtone grays colored to some highlight color for example the image to the right can prove to be much more difficult to distinguish.

To better understand how to achieve success when asking your students to make comparisons, it is important to first understand your own attitude toward comparisons and how you use them in your classroom.

The reason is that each color will always fall into one bin.

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Some of the light that reaches the surface of separation will be reflected in the first environment. Note however that any change to a image file other than a direct copy, will be classed by this as being different, even if the image data itself is the same. A large difference means the image is more 'realistic' and 'real world' like, rather than than 'cartoonish' or 'flat'.

The same number of particles that exist before the reaction exist after the reaction. I also like to zero in on their processing for the two big questions- Why would an author use this structure?

Each of the four phases is represented by at least one piece of student work. Difference Of Neighbours The above generates a 3x3 matrix, with the center pixel subtracted, and all the values offset to a perfect gray. At this point, the students are free to complete the first task.

Border Colors By repeatedly cropping off each of the four edges 2 to 3 pixels at most of an image, and calculating the borders average color, you can determine if an image is framed, and to how deep.

What is compare and contrast

See Image classification below. From some angles,a partially submerged object appears bent where it enters in water, because light coming from under the water is refracted.Please enable JavaScript to view the page content.

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Your support ID is: Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast reflection and refraction?science' and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes. Notes on Comparison/Contrast Writing. Definition of terms: Comparison Systematically analyzes and evaluates the similarities of two or more things.

An essay has been defined in a variety of ways. One definition is a "prose composition with a focused subject of discussion" or a "long, systematic discourse". It. Compare & Contrast.

by Harvey F. Silver. Table of Contents.

Compare and Contrast - Nonfiction Text Structure - Sketch Notes and Activities

Section 1: Why Compare & Contrast? As you teach over the coming weeks, keep track of those times when you might have used Compare & Contrast. Take note of these instances, and be ready to share them as you proceed through the following sections.

It's the Fourth of July in Providence, Rhode kellysquaresherman.comant fireworks are exploding in the night sky. When you look at the fireworks, you see dazzling sparkles of red, white and blue trickle down in all directions. The explosion of fireworks is an example of chemical change. During a chemical change, substances are changed into different substances.

Compare contrast notes
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