The case of diane fleming

How lethal is methanol? Grey's testimony was that, grey, she did not run standards of methylamine. He laid on the couch and got sicker and sicker. Shoshanna Allison contributed to this article. Defense counsel did not inform the jury that Diane was medicated during the trial, taking Zoloft and a pain killer, Talwin.

At most, it contributed a little to damage already occurring due to alcoholism. The dismissal of the other Scientists opinion was, also, unjustified, since in both cases they declared correctly and what they said made sense to me.

Here is one for understanding: Dr Ali Al-Bayati used the same slides and reports from your office there in Richmond to draw his conclusions. Employees of the DFS were able to identify the blue dye in the windshield washer fluid but were unable to locate the presence of blue dye in the substances contained in the Gatorade bottles.

Additionally, we believed the Commonwealth could not establish any specific person as the criminal agent, nor establish the source of the methanol. Fierro is accomplished at what she does, too. Approximately 75 to ml of pure methanol is needed to cause death. Chuck died at his own hand through a chemical reaction associated with bad choices as follows: On national TV Dr.

Will you join me? There is some concern that it could harm the kidney, liver, or heart function. Was there a chemical reaction between the creatine, a muscle building supplement Diane and Charles Fleming mixed into the Gatorade and the Gatorade ingredients which then converted into methanol?

The only fingerprints were those of the police. Did the Commonwealth lie and there is and was no methanol in the bottles?

Snapped 725: Diane Fleming

Reading the Autopsy findings on page 12 and the conclusions on page 28 stating that Dr. He was dizzy and vomiting and when he started to lose clarity his wife called and he was rushed to the hospital. Even simpler, if two ounces of Krystal Kleer windshield washer fluid is added to a lemon-lime Gatorade, the color turns green.

She appeared emotionless during the guilt phase and sentencing. Roberts for which the meeting was set up in the first place, she refused. A discontinuity in Chucks methanol data appears to be the fingerprint ofa false positive.

Free Diane Fleming

It was noted that he tried. Diane paid cash for the new hard drive and did not keep the receipt which could have proved her innocence. First and foremost, the Commonwealth of Virginia misrepresented the fact that there was an eyewitness to petitioner "mixing"something in the Gatorade outside the presence of Fleming.

Since there was no evidence at the trial the jury was re-polled and asked why they found her guilty. He had no idea aspartame triggers these problems. Friends and supporters of Diane Fleming are appealing directly to the Virginia Governor for a pardon.

It was not well understood that the best methanol assay delivered false positives in the presence of lactic acid.I have read both the details you have supplied about the death of Charles Fleming and the imprisonment of his wife Diane for alleged methyl alcohol (methanol) poisoning, and the autopsy report signed by the pathologist and toxicologist involved in the case.

Free Diane Fleming

From Diane this week: 5 of my supporters met with the chairwoman of the Parole Board on the 27th. C said it went well and she felt it was not a waste of time.

The lady said she had never seen anyone going up for Geriatric Parole for the first time with a file as thick as mine. It sounds like a lot of letters were received. Diane Fleming Is Innocent.

likes. News about Diane Fleming's exoneration will be posted here. Diane was imprisoned inwith a writ of actual. The case is interesting in a macabre sort of way. First, Diane Fleming was married three times, each to a man with the first name of Charles.

That is a shake my head kind of coincidence. It was the third Charles, Charles Fleming, that died under mysterious circumstances in Chesterfield in Diane Fleming, Diane Fleming was tried and convicted to sentences of 30 years for murder and twenty years for adulteration, allegedly ‘spiking’ her husband’s Gatorade with methanol, a poisonous alcohol, from a bottle of windshield washer fluid.

Start Here Diane Fleming Case for Pardon

Diane Fleming has been incarcerated for almost 4 years as prisoner # in the Troy, VA. Sep 09,  · Diane Fleming's husband, the victim of this case, would wish her to be vindicated and, if he was a responsible tax payer, he would wish the police and our courts of justice to do their jobs properly.

Cases like this should be a catalyst for reform.

The case of diane fleming
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